Project Description

Time: 2015

Clients: Oxfam

Project Brief
Oxfam in Asia has identified that the Private Sector, especially the agri-business and financial service providers for agricultural production and services, including insurance companies, play a crucial role in building resilience to disaster and climate risks for their businesses, for small-scale food producers and processors. This project is aimed to provide Oxfam a better understanding of the nature of work and current practices of businesses and support services in agriculture as well as their link to building disaster and climate resilience; in order to inform their decisions for future interventions.
RTA’s Tasks

  • Conduct desk review to provide a full understanding of the nature, scope and drivers of businesses and/or business support services from a resilience view
  • Do sampling for field research
  • Design field instruments for in-depth interviews, focus group discussion and case study
  • Conduct field research through key informant interview, focus group discussion and case study
  • Analyze qualitative data and prepare the final report