Project Description

Time: 2014

Clients: The World Bank

Project Brief
Performance-Based Financing in Healthcare is a system that links payment mechanisms (i.e. “Financing”) to outcomes (i.e. “Performance”). Performance-Based Financing in Africa aims to help increase coverage and improve quality for maternal and child health services. In the Democratic Republic of Congo, Performance-Based Financing has begun since 2012 and it is now on its road to cover the entire country. RTA is involved in providing survey management solutions to baseline surveys in 4 provinces of DRC: Bandundu, Maniema, Equateur and Katanga, with the sample size being 6000 households, 80 hospitals and 600 health centers. The baseline surveys for households and health facilities aim to establish health indicators, for future impact evaluation of Performance-Based Financing elements in DRC.

RTA’s Tasks

  • Develop and deploy the survey management system
  • Develop and test electronic forms (form structure, functionality, upload and download functions)
  • Train project staffs
  • Provide technical support during data collection period
  • Performed data cleaning service on a regular basis
  • Deliver final data set