Project Description

Time: 2014

Clients: The World Bank

Project Brief
Performance-Based Financing (PBF) is a system that links payment mechanisms (i.e. “Financing”) to outcomes (i.e. “Performance”). In Africa, PBF projects are launched to increase coverage and improve quality for maternal and child health services. PBF operations generate an array of data types that are used for implementation as well as tracking progress of health facilities and the overall PBF intervention. However, the system is of relatively poor quality, making it difficult for PBF practitioners to access and use information for decision-making at all levels of the health system. RTA’s role in the project is to develop a cloud-based data management system that allows for (i) more efficient Performance Based Financing (PBF) operations, (ii) higher quality and comprehensive data and analytics, and (iii) greater inclusion of stakeholders involved in the national PBF initiative.

RTA’s Tasks

  • Collaborate with CAR PBF team to develop and deploy a web-based and cloud-based data management system that serves the goals in PBF operations
  • Develop analytics platform and provide dynamic reports on PBF operations on real-time basis
  • Design and test electronic forms (form structure, functionality, upload and download functions)
  • Develop communication platform and export of invoice, allowing for more efficient payment transaction among health facilities.
  • Develop geographical mapping system of PBF outcomes
  • Train project staff to use the data management system
  • Provide technical support for full transfer of capacity