Project Description

Time: 2014 – 2015

Clients: The World Bank, Ministry Of Planning and Investment

Project Brief
The project aims to develop a new management information system (MIS) for Central Highlands Poverty Reduction Project in Vietnam. The new system will strengthen the project’s core function of monitoring and evaluation (M&E), as well as citizens’ feedback channels. The MIS will be made available to stakeholders and citizens through convenient information channels including websites and mobile devices. The system captures three layers of information: (i) Real-time field data and reports, (ii) Geographic information and mapping, and (iii) Citizen feedback

RTA’s Tasks

  • Develop and deploy the Cloud M&E system including the following applications:
    • Cloud M&E: The software can be deployed (installed) on a server and configured with ease to a domain to become an M&E system for a development program/project. It is highly customizable with forms, reports and analytics being designed in modules that can be added or updated easily.
    • Base Manager: The mobile version of Cloud M&E
    • CF Report: The application which allows users to turn Android based devices into digital data collection tool
    • CF Assistant: The system provides survey owners with a set of tools such as real-time updated maps, activity updates, dashboard, progress report, and analytics to monitor fieldwork process with transparency and high efficiency
  • Develop and test electronic forms for project M&E (form structure, functionality, upload and download functions)