Project Description

Time: 2014 – 2016

Clients: Centre for Analysis & Forecasting, Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences

Project Brief
In February 2011, Resolution 11, a comprehensive macroeconomic stabilization package was introduced by the Government of Vietnam. Following that, in October 2011, a large-scale long-term program on economic restructuring focusing on three key areas of public investment, banking sector and SOE sector was implemented. Although positive changes are expected in the long term, short-term adjustment costs are not entirely understood. The project consists of baseline, end-line survey and monitoring surveys in between to collect up-to-date information on the SMEs body in response to such macroeconomic policies. The specific objectives of the project is to raise awareness among policy makers in Vietnam on the importance of integrating inclusive growth into macroeconomic policy making and oversight, as well as to strengthen the information base and analytical capacity of ECNA and other committees for their oversight work on impacts of macroeconomic policies on the performance of SMEs and labor market outcomes.

RTA’s Tasks

  • Develop the survey management system for the baseline, end-line and monitoring surveys
  • Design web-based and tablet-based questionnaires
  • Recruit and train enumerators
  • Manage and monitor field work as well as phone surveys
  • Check and clean data on a regular basis through Smart Survey
  • Deliver final dataset